Our Services

Red Octopus provides custom software development services

Qualified IT Specialists

Today we are 30+ qualified, talented, data-driven software engineers, designers, product managers working toward our clients' business goals.

Cost Savings

Our hourly rates are much lower than they are in Western Europe and the US. Also, we eliminate extra expenses on infrastructure, office, salary, and training.

Good Command of English

Our engineers are fluent in English. Although we don't claim to sound like native speakers, our accent is clear and easily understandable.

Reliable Partner

We focus on long-term business partnership to ensure your solution can adapt to the changing market demands.

#01 Application architecture

Our engineering team with our product managers and UX designers will provide best match for your idea. Come up with the idea and our team will estimate and find best match for your custom needs.

#02 Development

After architecture cycle our team will start to go to the goal step by step. During each step customer will be able to see and control the result. This gives high flexibility and adoption for any market change.

#03 Support and Maintain

We are open to support and maintain your application with any region and data, no matter the size, we will provide the best performance.


Our tech stack

Front End Development

We cover front end both in web (all modern web browsers) and mobile (iOS and Android). Our team is proficient coding with:

  • Javascript, Typescript, React, Angular, VueJs, NextJs.
  • HTML5, CSS3 (SASS/LESS), Bootstrap, MaterialUI, Ant Design, Emotion.
  • Flutter, Dart.

Back End Development

We use all major standards and security rules during our back end development. Our team is proficient coding with:

  • NodeJs, Express, NestJS.
  • PHP, Laravel, YII, Zend.
  • Java, Spring.
  • Python, Go.

Database architecture

Being mainly oriented in relational databases, our team easily manages and supports most known NoSQL databases and caching systems. Our team is proficient coding with:

  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB
  • MongoDB, Cassandra
  • Redis, Memcached

Blockchain Development

We develop blockchain-powered applications and distributed systems in a full-cycle manner. Develop a new blockchain project or upgrade existing applications with the help of a top-rated partner.

  • Ethereum Blockchain Development (Crypto, Solidity, Web3.JS, Geth, Infura, DApps)
  • NodeJS REST APIs (express, NestJS, Fastify)
  • ReactJS - web3

Deployment. CI/CD

We know how important for customer is to have reliable product with unstoppable and clear delivery. Our team is proficient coding with:

  • Docker, Kubernetes
  • CI/CD integration with gitlab, Bitbucket, Bamboo
  • Jenkins

Quality assurance

Clean and tested code is a gold for product. We pay attention to testing during development both with automation and manual coverage. Our team is proficient coding with:

  • Jest, React testing library, Cypress, Puppeteer
  • Selenium, SonarQube, Snyk, Datadog
  • Split.io

Product care

Our experienced PM's will take care about your time management and goals, They will make the team to be agily and flexible.

Our designers, working closely with PM's, will bring the best user interfaces and experience for you application.

Our management team takes advantage of having direct calls with customers, to know their needs.