Simple Kid Games

Kids learn with playing

Simple games for kids provides various games for kids and teachers.

Red Octopus team provided whole project implementation on all layers. Starting with discussions with team about project, implementing design, front end and back end parts and SEO optimizations.

Triviahub Live

Hosting team building experiences

Triviahub is a team building online application.

Our software engineering team helped them to manage whole their project, from core implementation, till deployment and testing. We came across with our project managers to find the best market need and provide features to reach those markets.


Replace cognitive human work with AI

Red Octopus and Semerse core team implemented an amazing augmented-reality project (finger tracking, car detection, people detection, text and image moderation).

We easily integrated into new area for us and managed to help Semerse succeed in their goals.


B2B platform for restaurant back office orders

Great cooperation with mobile [email protected] platform. Payments integration, native mobile support for android and iOS, load, render and server cost optimizations, perfect user experience suggestions ...


Ultimate Booking System. Fully Customizable

Implementation of fully customizable platform for booking. Team joined the core team and implemented everything from initial steps. All architecture and optimizations are provided and implemented by Red Octopus engineers.